What’s New at Summer Camp!

Museum Mondays
On Mondays we don’t only get to feed our tummies with our fabulous sundaes but our campers get to feed their minds and explore! Mondays are designated for fun at the museums. Campers will explore a wide range of museums around NYC, that will engage them in different themes and cultural genres. What’s your favorite museum?
Water Wednesdays
Let’s Splash into summer! Water Wednesdays are everything but dry! Every Wednesday campers will be involved in different adventures that are all water themed. Water Parks, Splash Pads, Lake Trips, Roof Water Obstacle Course and Swim contest! Don’t miss out on our wonderful Wednesdays!
Camp Cash
Campers can earn Camp Cash for the simplest task. At camp we encourage leadership, random acts of kindness, participation and simply having fun. All campers receive at least a dollar a day, but can earn up to 5. Every Friday the campers are able to go to the camp gift shop and get something that they love!
Gift Shop
Get more than just a camp shirt and a back bag! Leave with something cool from our gift shop!
Dwight Counselors
This year we are adding a cool addition to our staff. We now have Dwight student/Alumni counselors!

Yes, You Can Mix & Match Camps!

Can't pick just one? Mix & Match camp programs to create your own experience.
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