Lunch and a mid-afternoon snack are provided daily. Please send your camper with a mid-morning nut-free snack.

Snacks include a variety of kid-friendly foods such as animal crackers, gold fish, and fruit.

Lunch is provided every day by Scholastic Culinary Service. All lunches are nut-free and 75% organic. With a wide range of menu options, meals may include chicken tenders, grilled chicken burgers, cheese quesadillas, Angus beef cheeseburgers, macaroni & cheese, hot dogs, French bread pizza, and a variety of sandwiches. Bagels and a salad bar are available daily as alternatives. Lunch is served family style when on-site and via bagged lunch on trip days.

We are a nut-aware camp. Please see our Food Allergy Policy bellow. 

Nut Products and Food Allergies

Dwight Summer Day Camp strives to be a nut-free, sesame-free and shell fish-free facility, and can support most special diets and food allergies. At this time, for the protection of our campers with severe nut allergies, we consider ourselves a “nut-aware” camp: we make every effort to eliminate peanut, tree nut (walnut, pecan), and any nut-based products and to raise awareness about food allergies. We have instituted procedures for anaphylactic emergencies, and have staff on location who are trained in administering epinephrine. Our food service does not serve peanut butter, sesame, shell-fish or nuts of any kind during lunch, at snack times, and at Camp events and activities. We ask that parents and caregivers refrain from sending foods containing above mentioned products to Camp as birthday treats or snacks. We ask that campers, parents, caregivers, and staff who may have eaten peanut, tree nut, or other nut-based foods thoroughly wash their hands before entering the Camp building. We ask that families of children with food allergies work closely and cooperatively with our Camp Nurse, Camp Director, and Head Counselors to ensure a safe environment for your child at camp. It is essential that families of campers with food allergies keep the Camp Nurse informed of your child’s allergies by the first day of camp and of any changes that may occur during the camp. You must complete the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and provide the camper with his or her medication (antihistamines, Epi-pen) in its original pharmacy labeled container with specific doctor’s orders. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan form can be requested from the Camp Director’s Office. We ask families to encourage their children to not share foods/utensils and to practice thorough hand washing. Because so many people enter our Camp building each day, there is no way we can ensure that our Camp is completely nut-free. We appreciate the efforts of each member of our community to protect the health of all of our campers.



Lunch & Snacks

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Dwight Summer Day Camp embraces the same philosophy as Dwight School, which customizes the experience for each student based on individual interests and passions. We call this igniting the “spark of genius” in every child. Through a wide range of age-appropriate programs ― including our specialty “spark” camps ― children can explore, discover what they enjoy doing, and pursue that passion while also making friends and having fun.

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Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dwight is a coed summer day camp for children ages 4-12, offering a fun mix of sports, arts, and specialty programs. Choose from one to ten weeks.