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If you are interested in joining the Dwight Summer Day Camp team this summer please email your resume with the desired position in the subject line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Activity Leader 


  • Responsible for day-to-day activities of a unit. [A unit is composed of a number of similar aged camp groups, i.e. 4 year olds, 5 year olds, etc.]
  • Handle all scheduling problems and changes for units
  • Make sure supplies are available for all unit activities
  • Involved in hands on training pre-camp and during camp season
  • Report weekly to the Director for supervisory meetings (after camp)
  • Maintain regular interface with key senior staff at camp: RN, the Camp Registrar, and specialty staff
  • Handle minor disciplinary actions with campers
  • Serve as role models for your unit and for the camp as a whole
  • Attend a weekly meeting with the Camp Director
  • Plan develop and run all age-appropriate activities (execpt sports and swim)
  • Set up and breakdown of activity areas
  • Turn in weekly lesson plans that will outline your goals for the week.
  • Supervise all camp staff during your training sessions
  • Assist with appropriate groups sign in (morning), sign out (afternoon)
  • Serve as a positive role model during instruction
  • Engage all campers and counselors in the activity, i.e. no one should be idly sitting watching.
  • Offer assistance and coverage during lunch time
  • Actively participate in all Camp Orientation and training session

 Senior Counselors: (Head Counselor)


  • Overall Welfare of camp group
  • Meet weekly with Camp Director (after camp)
  • Lead counselor in terms of supervision and safety for all campers and counselors
  • Ensure Group cohesiveness
  • Communicate directly with co-counselors and other camp staff on pressing matters
  • Taking daily attendance, weekly submissions to camp newsletter, communicate directly with parents on urgent group matters.
  • Report medical needs/concerns as they arise to the RN
  • Handle all “normal” behavioral issues within the group between campers and counselors or campers and campers
  • Ensure that camp group is on time and safe
  • Ensure the physical well being each day of campers by monitoring whether they are eating/drinking/participating in all activities
  • Actively participate in all training sessions
  • Play lead role on trip days
  • Serve as the lead role with any minor issues/problems on trips
  • Suit up to swim each and every day
  • Actively participate in all Camp Orientation and training sessions
  • Report to work every day on time and dressed appropriately

Counselors: (General Counselor)


  • Report to work every day on time and dressed appropriately
  • Daily you will report to the senior counselors responsible for your group
  • In charge of the sign in procedure (morning), sign out procedures (afternoon)
  • Help encourage positive behavior and cooperation with campers. Help deal with “normal” camper issues/problems during the course of the camp day and report these issues to your senior counselor
  • Attend weekly staff meeting
  • Suit up to swim every day
  • Serve as co-helper with the Water Safety Instructors (WSI’s)  in the pool
  • Help make sure campers change from swim and are dressed properly.
  • Observe the mood of campers in your group. Report any signs of illness and/or irritability to the senior counselor.
  • Make certain all the campers are at their assigned areas at all times
  • Make certain that your campers participate in the activity
  • Help arrange games and activities to keep the campers interested and entertained
  • Help model proper behavior towards the campers.
  • Bring up any dangerous issues and situations that a camper may face to the senior counselor.
  • Actively participate in all Camp Orientation and training sessions 

Trip and Transportation Leader:


  • Handle all aspects of trips and transportation
  • Help plan and schedule all age-appropriate camp trips
  • Interface directly with the bus provider
  • Work with the registrar to prepare all bus rosters
  • In charge of the a.m. and p.m. bus procedures.
  • Help lead and attend camp training and pre-camp Orientation sessions.
  • Make certain all bus campers and counselors are accounted for every day
  • Making certain that all campers and counselors are ready for the daily trip
  • Oversee that in the a.m. all campers have lunch/camp shirt they require
  • Oversee that in the a.m. all counselors have camp shirt/lunch
  • Collect any medicines which need to be held by nurse, distribute these to the Head counselor/camper
  • Handle (on the spot) any and all problems/issues that arise during the trip
  • Set up a designated meeting spot for each trip.
  • Make sure that all counselors are aware of pre-arranged times, locations and instructions before the groups separate from each other.
  • Create a lunch time and procedure
  • Work with the Camp Director to request any checks or credit card payments before camp starts.
  • In charge of all on site Payments any balances due at the trip location.
  • Serve as leader of the trip. Deal with all larger behavioral issues between groups, counselors or individuals. 
  • Stay in constant contact with the camp office


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Dwight Summer Day Camp embraces the same philosophy as Dwight School, which customizes the experience for each student based on individual interests and passions. We call this igniting the “spark of genius” in every child. Through a wide range of age-appropriate programs ― including our specialty “spark” camps ― children can explore, discover what they enjoy doing, and pursue that passion while also making friends and having fun.

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Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dwight is a coed summer day camp for children ages 4-12, offering a fun mix of sports, arts, and specialty programs. Choose from one to ten weeks.